To the cunt that tried to DDOS me:

Very mature. I'm sure you think this somehow proved you right in that so-called discussion we were having. You know, the one where I presented valid points and supplied reasoning and evidence to support them, whereas all you did was call me names and give me condescending attitude.

You do realize that, yes, I do know what "DDOS" means, right? I am a fucking software engineer and I was coding shit when you were still filling your diapers and sucking on your mommy's tits. You, on the other hand, displayed a remarkable lack of actual knowledge, seeing as you couldn't even see how inelegant and grotesque it was what the company in question did. Oh hey — they've since effectively admitted this by rewriting the damn thing from scratch. I'm thinking you've never written a line of code in your life and I don't believe for a second that you set up your stupid botnet using your own software.

You might have noticed that it took me a while to even notice your attack, at which point I stopped the Apache service just to spite you. In other words, my server could stomach your juvenile attack no problem. The company in question has about a million times the resources I do; yet you still think this proves that their servers went down in such a place? Fun fact: You essentially supported my hypothesis, after all...

How 'bout you give me your name and address, if you dare? After all, you've got mine. But you're probably too chicken to actually show your face, which is why you have Russian dimwits spam me with GET / all day long. Oh noes, I have to service a 674 byte document to them, oh woe is me! (That was sarcasm, by the way, as I'm sure you couldn't tell.)

Well, have fun being an annoying little bitch that turns to violence when cornered in a discussion — your parents must be so proud.

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